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Elizabeth Mansfield is one of the pseudonyms for author Paula Schwartz, who lost her fight with ovarian cancer in December of 2003.  During her life, she was an author, a teacher of dramatic arts, a professor of English, a playwright, actor, director, and most importantly (to me, anyway), my mother.

This website is dedicated to her and her legacy of writing that she’s left behind for us all to enjoy.

My plans for this site are to make announcements of forthcoming reprints of her body of work, and publishing her other writings as I find them among her papers.


7 thoughts on “About Elizabeth Mansfield”

  1. Elizabeth Mansfield’s novels are “KEEPERS”. Her men see real and, heaven-forbid in a Regency romance, work for living. I look forward to buying a more as they are republished.

    1. When I first started reading historical romances in the 1970’s, I read the Greats – Marion Chesney, Georgette Heyer & Elizabeth Mansfield. I am now reading Elizabeth’s reprints. Happy memories for me!

  2. I love getting her books on kindle. They are also available at such a great price. I hope new ones will keep appearing on Kindle.

  3. Paula Reibel was my Drama Club teacher, then my 8th grade Drama class teacher at Herman Ridder Junior High School in the bronx from 1950 and 1951. She was a fantastic teacher, supportive , friendly and very proffessional. Because of her I went to the High School of Performing Arts in Manhatten. I am tuly proud to say that I knew this wonderful woman.

  4. My mother loved to read books by Elizabeth Mansfield. She shared her love of these books with me and I became a fan myself. I look foward to purchasing any and all books that are republished. Please keep me on your reminder list when a book is republished. Re-reading these books is like having my mother back with me. Thank you.

  5. Recently discovered Elizabeth’s Regency novels while using my kindle. I love, love, love her writings. Her characters become so real…every reaction and every emotion comes through beautifully. Keep her writings coming, please.

  6. I’m very sorry for your loss.
    Still I hope that all of your mother’s books will be republished in ebook.
    I’m desperately looking for ‘Love lessons’ (a guardian/ward story which I love) but cannot find it anywhere.
    Please keep in touch the moment I can buy this one.
    Thanks in advance.

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