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Story Hunger: Why People Read Fiction

Let’s suppose you turned to this page just in passing, without really intending to read more than a sentence or two. And suppose you saw that I offered you a choice: In order to entice you to read this article, I’ve concocted three introductions. Which one of the three would entice you to read the rest? Choose one:

  1. a businesslike paragraph that lists the five essential points of the article.
  2. a brilliant psychoanalysis in one paragraph of the subject– why people read fiction.
  3. my favorite joke in the whole world.

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Why I Am Not Jane Austen

Some people find the subject of romance to be trivial pursuit, but since romance is not only my occupation but a lifetime preoccupation, I hope I can imbue the subject with interesting details if not with depth. And though some of what I say may be familiar to those of you who read romantic fiction, my particular way of looking at it may give you new insights.

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