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The Bartered Bride

51Hk7poSQELLord Kittridge thinks he has made a great bargain in agreeing to marry Cassandra Chivers for 40,000 pounds of her father’s money, but his new bride turns out to be quite a handful.

“Elizabeth Mansfield is one of the best-loved authors of Regency romances.”—The Romance Reader

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Christmas in the Regency

A note from Lady M: I believe Ms. Mansfield wrote this in the fall of 1999, at the behest of her webmistress.

Christmas has become a very big deal. Christmas catalogues start arriving in the fall. All the stores and many houses are decorated with Christmas trimmings by Thanksgiving. Much of December is taken up with shopping, wrapping, writing greeting cards and otherwise preparing for the holidays.

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Matched Pairs


Matched Pairs, by Elizabeth Mansfield

It was decided from their infancy that Tris Enders would wed Juliet Branscombe. Yet, growing up on adjoining estates in Derbyshire made that the last thing that either wanted, especially after Tris had found the girl of his dreams in London and the handsome Lord Canfield moved into a nearby estate. Tris and Juliet each believed that if the other became engaged to someone else, then Juliet’s mother, the formidable Madge Branscombe, would finally have to put her daughter’s dreams above her own and allow them to marry whomever they chose. Misunderstandings abound when Tris and Juliet “help” each other with the objects of their affections, leading to disastrous results. (from Open Road Media)

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Miscalculations, Elizabeth Mansfield

Miscalculations, by Elizabeth Mansfield

His Woman Of Affairs

Jane Douglas had a sharp wit, a brilliant mind, and an extraordinary knack for numbers. As financial advisor to Lady Martha Kettering, she was able to provide for herself, her sister and her mother. Jane had resigned herself to a quiet life in the country, in service.

Viscount Luke Kettering was a Corinthian: self-confident, elegant, with a talent for all the manly arts, and a penchant for taking risks. He was admired by his peers, yet his constant requests for funds to settle his gambling debts caused his mother deep concern. He eagerly accepted her challenge to give him control of his inheritance if he could prove to be financially responsible. All he had to do was act prudently for one month. He did not factor in one detail–that Lady Martha’s financial advisor would be overseeing his accounting for the month–and that he was–a she! (from Open Road Media)

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An Encounter With Venus


An Encounter with Venus, by Elizabeth Mansfield

As perfect as a marble statue, George Frobisher, the future Earl of Chadleigh, was thunderstruck when, at the age of seventeen, he accidentally glimpsed Miss Olivia Henshaw emerging naked from her bath the day of his sister’s wedding. That vision of a Venus, his Venus, would fuel his fantasies for years to come.

Ten years after the wedding, Olivia Henshaw has resigned herself to spinsterhood caring for her ailing uncle in a cold and dark castle in the Scottish Highlands. She has no expectation of anything but a cozy visit with her best friend, Felicia Leyton, when she accepts her invitation to an intimate house party in the countryside. No one at the Leytons’ Yorkshire abbey can guess what will transpire when fantasy finally meets reality. (from Open Road Media)

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