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That Moment When…

At a cocktail party my husband and I attended recently, the hostess caused me considerable embarrassment. I had had a small and very minor success with a piece of writing, but our hostess insisted on introducing me to everyone as an accomplished author. Her overenthusiastic and exaggerated praise made me red-faced and tongue-tied. Finally, one friendly woman, after hearing our hostess give me the usual undeserved accolade, smiled at me warmly and said, “How wonderful! Do you write under a pen name’? Might I have heard of you’?”

“But of course,” my husband piped up promptly. “She writes under the name of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.”

Lady M writes: We have recently received a box of scanned manuscripts, courtesy of Comar Technologies (thank you, Dhaval!). This is from Paula’s “Anecdote File,” and I believe many of them are true. Or at least believable.

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